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About Primeboots

Made in southern Spain, designed in Skåne, Sweden

a Spanish heritage, workshop that makes premium quality Goodyear welted footwear for women. The quintessential, timeless hero pieces that build a long-lasting wardrobe and style. 

Primeboots date back 200 years, Camino de Valverde the village where our boots are made are known for making durable, high quality boots manufactured for miners in Spain. Boots that would withstand hard work and wear. With this story behind us we continue to build on the legacy of durable and repairable boots

The quality of a shoe starts with the quality of its components and the construction. 

Making high quality products that’s repairable are a necessary path to reduce negative environmental impact and over-consumption effects. We are sourcing high quality components mainly produced locally in Spain that meet our high demands on quality so that all building blocks in our products have a long service life. We advocate well-thought-out consumption and believe in consistency bring this approach with you both when you build your wardrobe and your home, invest in fewer but better things, better quality that you can love, wear, take care and repair year after year.

Our Goodyear-welt construction foot wear is hand-lasted and bench-made

therefore well suited for reparation and replacing parts that’s worn out. We have close cooperation’s with shoemakers who are also often resellers of our products, we can therefore help you find a local shoemaker when it is time to replace any part in your boots. Please contact us at we are happy to help out and identify what kind of refreshment and reparation your primeboots need to get an extended life.

Primeboots has an on-demand production and don’t build large stock. Because we own the factory and have great local knowledge, we can produce with short lead-time when there is a demand on the product, in order not to produce and use materials and resources that’s not requested in the market. We do not work with seasonal collections. Our product range are built upon timeless hero pieces that build a long-lasting wardrobe and style. At Primeboots do we take pride in thinking twice before releasing new products, even if that means we only release a few new products every year.

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craftsmanship, sustainability and integrity

We want to take action on things that we can affect

Our philosophy is rooted in the desire to create items with a loyal lifecycle. Always designed to last the whole journey through. Craftsmanship is at the very heart of our brand. Quality over quantity, knowing what we stand for and creating a long lasting lifecycle.  



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