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Our factory - where all Primeboots are made

Our factory in southern Spain, Valverde del Camino, have manufactured boots for many generations. Several of our skilled craftsmen have worked at the factory for decades and have invaluable expertise and professional experience.

Today, 12 people work at the factory:

María José, Carolina, Chari, Ana María, Lola,

Francisco Lorca, Antonio, Francisco Morano, Francisco Herrezuelo, Ángel, Jaime and Salvador.

We are proud to be able to produce boots on Primeboots Planta Uno, it gives us the opportunity to follow our production of boots from idea to finished product. This means that we own our production chain and can make active choices that contribute to less strain on the environment.

Primeboots focuses on using local and nearby Spanish suppliers, to promote smaller companies but also to avoid unnecessary transport with a negative environmental impact.

Together with the factory, we take responsibility for the quality of our products being of a high standard, as well as the sustainability in terms of production and our craftsmanship.

From a customer perspective, also locally and globally.

Because we make boots that will last a long time!

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craftsmanship, sustainability and integrity

We want to take action on things that we can affect

Our philosophy is rooted in the desire to create items with a loyal lifecycle. Always designed to last the whole journey through. Craftsmanship is at the very heart of our brand. Quality over quantity, knowing what we stand for and creating a long lasting lifecycle.  



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