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Caring for your boots

Our footwear is made to last with hard wearing materials and 

good quality construction. 

This in turn allows for a long life if the product is treated with care.


Brush away surface dirt and stains with a clean, soft brush or cloth 

on a regular basis.



Over time it is normal for some softer leathers to become dry and lose some 

natural finishing.. We recommend you apply a thin layer of natural and 

nourishing cream and softly lubricate with a 

clean, soft brush or cloth before leaving the shoes to dry

Suede and nubuck

When cleaning and caring for your boots in suede or nubuck, 

always start by brushing off with a suede brush 

to roughen the surface and to remove dirt. 

Should there be any stain, you can use a cleaning rubber.

Thereafter use an impregnation spray suitable for suede and nubuck. 

Then let the boots dry at room temperature with shoe blocks in.

Drying boots

If your shoes become wet, dry them using a soft and clean cloth. 

Let them dry in a warm environment. 

If the shoes are wet or moist on the inside, we recommend 

that you use an absorbent material to fasten the drying process.

Leather sole

Our goodyear welted leather soles are a joy to wear. 

Having a leather sole on your boots has one

 great advantage, they become soft and very flexible.

Leather is also a material that breathes and lets moisture through, 

so they work also in warmer climates.

If your leather soles get wet always allow them to dry naturally. 

When the leather is dry use a clear, nourishing cream on the leather sole. 

You can also apply the cream on the welt edge and heel before leaving to dry.

Visit your local shoemaker to resole when it´s worn out.

Vibram sole

The signature italian soles were invented by Vitale Bramani, 

who was a mountaineer and mountain guide. 

He designed the world´s first rubber lug sole. 

Vibram soles provides you with an improved grip on very cold, icy or snowy surfaces. 

You can always resole your vibram sole when it´s worn out at your shoemaker.


All our shoes are goodyear welted and are therefore well suited for changing

components on, the sole can be replaced when it is worn both

one, two and three times. We have close cooperations with shoemakers who are a

lso often resellers of our products,

we can therefore help you find a local shoemaker when it

is time to replace any part on your boots.

We also have the opportunity to change to original parts and repair your boots

at the factory in Spain with one of our craftsmen.

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